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Wireless CarPlay&Android Auto Interface

Get the best aftermarket head units for sale in Australia that are compatible with Apple CarPlay here at Seven Smart Auto. A head unit that is compatible with your Apple device and can support Apple CarPlay gives you better control of your vehicle’s infotainment system. With this installed, you can have a better driving experience.

Safer Driving
One of the top causes of traffic accidents is distracted driving. Some drivers reach for their phone to read a message while on the road, causing them to lose focus. But with CarPlay connecting your phone and your car’s head unit, your gaze doesn’t have to stray far from the road and you can use your phone’s functions while driving without compromising your safety.

Seamless Phone-Car Connection
A CarPlay-ready head unit doesn’t require extensive preparation or other installations for it to connect with your iPhone and other Apple devices. You can establish a connection through your phone’s cable or, if the head unit supports wireless CarPlay, you can simply search for your car and connect. 

Simple User Interface
Plenty of head units feature a simple and straightforward user interface. With CarPlay enabled, your head unit’s display will also be simple and feature icons that you’re used to from your Apple device. Paired with a screen larger than your phone, it’s easier to see your display so you don’t have to turn your focus away from driving.

Multiple Entertainment Sources
One of the best features of CarPlay connectivity is the different sources of on-the-road entertainment you can enjoy. Apart from your built-in radio, you can access your Apple Music library, play podcasts or listen to audiobooks so you’re not bored during long drives and traffic jams.

Looking for the best Apple Car Play Australia has to offer? Or perhaps the best Apple CarPlay head unit Australia has? Seven Smart Auto offers CarPlay head unit installation for Sydney car owners. Get in touch today.

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